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Connected in Hope’s New Leather Brand

By Siobhan     About Voice Ethiopia


Connected in Hope works to address the issue of women with the dangerous and strenuous job of carrying fuel wood in and out of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Impoverished and underserved, these women do not have an opportunity for real, sustainable jobs. Girls as young as 9 years old carry large amounts of wood up and down the mountains surrounding Ethiopia’s capital city. To add injury to insult, carrying and selling fuel wood is illegal, leading to guards on the mountains seeking out these women to either take or beat them for carrying fuel wood.

Yet, there is Hope. Connected in Hope is giving these women and girls multiple job opportunities by providing training and resources to create products that they directly receive income for.

In a new initiative, Connected in Hope’s is working with former fuel wood carrier women to create a new leather brand. With the goal to find locally-sourced materials accessible in Addis Ababa, Connected in Hope used the prevalence of cows around the capital city to support this new initiative. With a substantial leather-product market in the United States, Connected in Hope is excited to sell new products to Americans.

The brand will be launched this upcoming week! Stay tuned, and check out www.connectedinhope.org for more details!


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