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Cordaid Makes a Breakthrough

By Sara    About Cordaid

Cordaid has been working closely with Ethiopia to improve the healthcare system and enhance entrepreneurship among the region. Recent programs and events have been implemented to increase cooperation, involvement, and support for both departments.

In order to enhance the healthcare system among rural communities in Ethiopia, Cordaid has launched a pilot program introducing Performance- Based Financing, or PBF, in two districts. Performance- Based Financing is a method of financing healthcare providers based on their output in successful patient treatments. Previous programs in Rwanda, the DRC, and Zimbabwe have shown positive results and an increase in the quality of services. Now, Cordaid Ethiopia is ambitious to obtain the same accomplishments in Yabello town, where patients have reported poor hygiene, shortage of drugs, and low commitment among the healthcare staff.

The pilot program was launched on July 23rd, 2015 in the Cordaid field office that was recently opened in Yabello to supervise the operation. Powerful government representatives were present, such as the Borena Zone Administrator and Zone Health Department officials. There will be one regional hospital and eight health centers built among the region. Throughout the preparation stage, Cordaid healthcare providers and authorities drafted a list of indicators that the hospitals will be assessed based off their performance. The Cordaid staff will conduct field visits to verify information that the hospitals provide about their patients and treatments. The ultimate goal of the program is to increase the average quality checklist score from below 50% to 75% in 2017. The Cordaid program manager, Tekolla Tatek, states “The new program is a breakthrough”. If the PBF program proves to be successful and more cost- effective, Cordaid will strive to extend PBF in Oromiya and other regions in Ethiopia.

In addition, Cordaid launched the Network of Strong Entrepreneurs in Addis Ababa to connect businesses and successful entrepreneurs from around the globe. Ethiopian entrepreneurs, government officials, and donors attended the sold out event on April 17th, 2015. The event specially focused on empowering women and young entrepreneurs, as well as emphasizing the country’s economic potential and growth. Cordaid aims to contribute to the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem, by supporting Small and Medium Enterprises, also known as SMEs, in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Sierra Leone and Burundi. Along with the Network launch, Cordaid offers Ethiopian entrepreneurs the Resilience Business Development Services, which offers promising SMEs access to the most successful business strategies. This in turn will create job opportunities for other individuals and economic growth in the region. Cordaid’s ambition is for the Network of Strong Entrepreneurs to expand beyond the countries they currently work with so the most capable entrepreneurs can collaborate together.


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