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Dreaming Big

By Luke    About ILAE

Imagine having a dream so big that you would do anything to achieve it. Now imagine having that dream, but waking up knowing that you will probably never be able to fulfill it because the resources and schooling that are provided to you are holding you back. This is the case for a young student named Adugna who is planning to attend the International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE).  Adugna wants a chance to learn and take steps toward achieving his goal of becoming an airplane pilot. A year of schooling at ILAE costs $7,500 per student. We at VoiceEthiopia are here to help raise that amount of money to pay for one year of Adugna’s schooling and to guide him down the path to becoming an airplane pilot.

To achieve this goal, we at Voice Ethiopia are taking action in a number of ways. There is no better way to get people involved and aware of this young boy’s situation and his desire to become an airplane pilot than by spreading his story and spreading it to the right people – the people who have the resources and power to help. For example, reaching out to an airline company such as Ethiopian Airlines on a social media platform such as Twitter and telling them about Adugna and his dream could open up many doors.

This is a process though. You are not going to just send a tweet, message, or make a call to a big company like Ethiopian Airlines and immediately be talking to the CEO. You need to be able to tell the story and make people realize that they can help this young boy’s dream come true. When initially contacting a company, you may only be able to speak with whoever answers the phone. However, you can pitch the story to that person and ask for it to be passed on to those in the company who may have the power to make an impact. After you do this, it is important to follow up and make sure your story was delivered to the right person. Once you get a high level individual to help spread the word, great progress can be made. I will initially be tweeting at the Ethiopian Airlines Twitter account with the CEO’s personal Twitter handle included in the tweet. My message will be aimed at spreading awareness about Adugna and his aspiration to become a pilot. Although any action or response would be appreciated, my messages will present various calls to action, from inviting Adugna to the Ethiopian Airlines headquarters to making a monetary donation. I would most likely push for Ethiopian Airlines to set up a “day in the life of a pilot” program because that is an experience that Adugna will remember forever, and will only further his aspiration to become a real pilot and one day sit in the cockpit and fly a plane.

This is a timely process that most people will not want to deal with, but the people who do will have their message reach a far greater audience. These people are also more likely to reach their goals and see their cause flourish.

At Voice Ethiopia, we are trying to raise enough money to pay for one year of Adugna’s schooling so that he can take the necessary steps towards becoming a pilot and seeing through his dream.  Join me and take action to help this young boy get one giant step closer to living up to his lifetime goal of becoming a pilot.

To learn more about Adugna and how to help his cause, visit www.voiceethiopia.org. Taking action is the cure to all problems. You can be the one to make a difference.


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