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Help One Dollar at a Time

By Luke    About VoiceEthiopia
Are you a person who wants to help by donating to a nonprofit organization, but do not know how much money to donate or to which organization? Well, Google has created an Android app that can help. The app, called “One Today,” puts a spotlight on great charities and only allows you to donate $1 a day. This helps the organization raise money and makes it easy for the donor to decide on an amount.  In the end, every penny matters when donating to a non-profit, but this app eliminates the need to spend time contemplating the actual amount of the donation.

This app eliminates the roadblocks that may occur while donating money to a nonprofit organization. The set structure allows for an affordable, but at the same time powerful, amount of money to given by the donor. “One Today” only allows a person to donate $1 each day to the particular organization or organizations that are highlighted on that day.

Another great feature of this is app is that it highlights a different organization or organizations each day, based on the quality of the work that they do. It does all of the research for you, and makes the decision on where the money is going on any particular day. The app even goes one step further, and lets the donor know which particular project the money is going towards. Nonprofits are constantly working to put new ideas into action, and the more that people share the project, the closer it comes to being fully funded.

It would be great if we at VoiceEthiopia can get the organizations we highlight onto this app so that people can learn more about the nonprofits that are doing work in Ethiopia. It will also help highlight the special projects of each of the organizations that we cover and get people more involved. I think nothing but good can come out of getting our organizations featured on this app. Let the dollars start rolling in!

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