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Making a Ethiopian Student’s Dream a Reality

By Lindsay    About ILAE

Like the rest of us, Adugna has big plans for the future. Adugna aspires to one day become a pilot for Ethiopian Airlines. Although we all have dreams, we don’t all necessarily have the means to achieve them. Where you are born in the world should not be a determining factor of your future, and for children like Adugna, that could have been the case.

Adugna is 14 years old and lives in Ethiopia as an 8th grade student at the International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE). Aside from Adugna’s own drive and ambition, ILAE has presented him with more possibility for the future by exposing him to an education.

ILAE gives students like Adugna the opportunity to reach their full potential. The school seeks to offer a global education that nurtures students to discover their purpose. This is achieved by challenging them to think critically, empowering them to set and surpass their own standards, and inspiring them to create a generation of leaders who will transform Ethiopia.

A valuable lesson that Adugna has learned while attending ILAE is that knowledge is extremely important. He argues that when a country is developed, then knowledge is developed, and vice versa. What Adugna means is that the ability to gain knowledge and the state of the country are interconnected. You cannot have one without the other.

ILAE’s strategy is in line with Adugna statement. They first provide the structure of an education for a select group of students that will ultimately prepare them for a lifetime of social responsibility and international leadership. They then hope that each student will act as change agents by using their education to develop their country so that the access to education can be made a reality to everyone.

Education doesn’t come with a cheap price tag; among many other things, it requires school supplies and text books. So how can we help support the effort to provide educational opportunities to students such as Adugna?

A Call to Action

One year of school for an ILEA student costs just $7,500. By sponsoring a student, it will pave the road for each individual to achieve their dreams. Whether they hope to become a pilot, like Adugna, or they have their own dream, we can help them reach their goals.

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