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Save the Children Doing More than Saving Children

By Lindsay    About Save The Children

Save the children has had a significant presence in Ethiopia since 1984, originally to provide for the half a million people devastated by famine. Today, Save the Children’s programs have continued to grow to meet the ongoing challenges in Ethiopia. Save the Children specifically focuses on Ethiopia’s chronic poverty, food insecurity, the poor health of the general population, an increasing HIV/AIDS crisis, and a subnormal education sector.

Ethiopia is a land of contradiction; the country has great natural beauty, yet is frequently devastated by natural disasters, such as droughts and floods that have an overwhelming effect on the agricultural societies that inhabit the region. Save the Children has been a major player in responding to such events working to rebuild and prevent future disparities throughout the country.

Although the name is “Save the Children”, Save the Children goes beyond supporting youth in Ethiopia. Save the Children has implemented comprehensive and long term strategies that focus on strengthening partnerships with local, as well as international agencies. Through this approach, Save the Children is able to create resilient community-based solutions with advocacy on a national level.

Save the Children’s current programs and focus areas include;


Save the Children is working to provide education to those who wouldn’t ordinarily would not have access to schooling, including girls, as well as children in pastoral communities who don’t have schools in proximity to their homes. Save the Children has an inexpensive school model that incorporates active community participation in the educational process.


In response to Ethiopia having some of the highest rates of maternal, newborn and child deaths in the world; Save the Children works with communities in Ethiopia to educate mothers on basic life-saving information and nutrition. Additionally, Save the Children provides vital health services such as vaccinations, family planning, and information on how to combat HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Save the Children has developed a unique approach by coupling various program components, particularly linking education and health.

Food Security

Food security has been an ongoing crisis in Ethiopia; currently 5 million Ethiopians are chronically food insecure. Save the Children focuses on pastoralist communities in the south, which is typically is the most drastically hit my famine. Save the Children food security goals are: preserve and recover range land, increase access to veterinary services, encourage alternative livelihoods, particularly for women, and support improved nutritional practices, especially for mothers and their young children.


Save the Children has taken an aggressively comprehensive approach to HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, focusing on prevention, care support, and mitigation through community-based channels. Saving the Children’s strategy works to reach orphans and other vulnerable children, as well as high risk groups such as transport and commercial sex workers in urban areas.

Sponsor a Child in Ethiopia

You now may be wondering how you can help Save the Children continue the influential work that they do in Ethiopia. Save the Children has a unique child sponsorship program that creates a relationship between the donor and the community in which Save the Children is helping to create long term change. This program is one of kind; where there is an opportunity to witness children reach their full potential over time.

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