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Seeds of Africa Opens Doors to Volunteers

By Meg     About Seeds of Africa

Seeds of Africa’s Visiting the World program brings volunteers with diverse cultural backgrounds and skills together with the children of Seeds. The school is opening its doors to welcome professionals, students, teachers, musicians, and artists who travel to Ethiopia and spend time sharing their talents and craft with the students. This opportunity allows all parties involved to better understand different cultures and traditions and learn from each other.

In May, an American volunteer travelled to Adama as part of the program and led a weekend soccer club for the children. He also acted as an assistant teacher and helped to refurbish and prepare classrooms.

This summer, an elementary school art teacher from Madison, WI, who formerly volunteered with the Peace Corps, travelled to Seeds with his recording equipment and filmed a music video with the children. He worked with students at a high school in Ghana to create a similar recording, and both videos will be a part of a musical, cross-cultural communication project. The children are also being offered the opportunity to learn from a French violinist, who will be travelling to the school with small violins for the students and teaching them how to play the instrument. He will be performing a concert for the school and educating the children with singing and rhythm workshops.

Seeds of Africa is extremely excited to welcome all of their visitors and appreciates all of the volunteers who have contributed their time to the school.

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