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Based in: Ethiopia and New York

Year established: 2006


Seeds of Africa operates as a center for education and community development in Adama (Nazret) in Ethiopia. Atti Worku founded the organization after being crowned Miss Ethiopia in 2005, and used her public platform to spread awareness of the cause. Unlike traditional organizations that may provide short-term relief, Seeds takes a unique approach in which they provide children with the education and skills they will need to develop and support themselves long-term in order to rise above poverty.

Atti was inspired to start Seeds of Africa after realizing at a young age that the Ethiopian public school system was failing its students. Ethiopia has one of the highest student to teacher ratios in Africa, and as a result, many students do not receive the one-on-one support that they need. Most of the public schools do not have access to essential educational resources and supplies, and this further causes students to suffer. Many children struggle to perform, and some even drop out.

Seeds of Africa offers gifted students an opportunity to thrive. Through an innovative curriculum and community development programs, students are educated and nurtured in order to reach their full potential. Seeds currently offers supplementary educational and tutorial services for students enrolled in local schools, a full time curriculum for pre-kindergarten students, adult literacy and education classes, and community development seminars. The organization works with children ages five to fifteen, providing not only educational resources, but also nutritional and medical support.

The poverty rate in Ethiopia drops from 32% to 9% when the head of the household has more than a high school education. Seeds of Africa’s long-term, self-sustaining model for education gives students and families the skills that they need to support themselves and rise above poverty. It is Atti’s hope that this model can one day be replicated in other communities across Africa.

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Website: www.seedsofafrica.org

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