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Just $20 can provide a student with textbooks for a whole term. 100% of your money will go to the International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE).


There is no doubt Adugna has the passion, intelligence, and mindset needed to achieve his goal of becoming an airline pilot. What is in doubt is whether he, and students like him, will have the resources needed to achieve the dreams they are destined to fulfill.

ILAE selects its students primarily from underserved urban and rural areas selected for their aca­demic and leadership potential. This means most of ILAE’s students pay no tuition and are essentially on a full scholarship each and every year.

At a cost of $7,500 per student per school year, ILAE is in need of big-hearted donors to directly contribute to the education of their inspired (and inspiring) students. Whether it be $20 to pay for a year’s worth of textbooks, $100 to pay for a month’s worth of school meals, or $500 to purchase a computer, any help towards this cause is appreciated.

To help Adugna continue his studies and one day become an airline pilot, donate online please visit ILAE’s online donation page, or mail a check with “Voice Ethiopia” written on the memo line to:

International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia
PO Box 20034
Seattle, WA  98109

100% of proceeds will go directly towards education funding, and a donation of any amount will help us move closer to our goal.

After you’ve made your donation, let us know! Email us at info@voiceethiopia.org so we can highlight your gift and track our progress toward making Adugna’s dream a reality.


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