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Young People Interested in Philanthropy

By Siobhan   About ILAE and Seeds Of Africa

Off to Ethiopia: An Advocacy Adventure         Link to video –  http://vimeo.com/50655598


During the summer  of 2012, two cousins – Siobhan (age 16) and Sara (age 17) – traveled to Ethiopia for a service trip.  Throughout their intrepid journey, the two young women recorded on video the organizations they visited, the people they met, and the experience they shared together. As part of their travels, Siobhan and Sara interviewed leaders of these organizations to better understand these individuals’ passion for Ethiopia and for working towards national and international change. The video above shares Siobhan and Sara’s experiences, the lessons they learned, and the life changing nature of their travels. They hope this documentary will not only raise money for the featured organizations, but also awareness for the distressing challenges people face around the world. Ultimately, this trip sparked Siobhan and Sara’s interest in philanthropy and a desire to change what they can.


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